Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Surprise, Arizona

We left Burro Creek Campground about 10:30. There is some beautiful country on the way to Wickenberg. A bit of a climb to the summit.
We stopped in Wickenberg for a walk around town and lunch. Lunch was at the Cowboy Cafe, a nice local joint. Very good chicken fried steak. Lou had fish and chips that were good as well.
We continued on to Surprise, a suburb of Phoenix. We did grocery shopping and got gas and stopped for the night here at Walmart's, it being 4:30 pm already. We'd just get stuck in Phoenix rush hour traffic and it would be dark, so we stopped. See, we are learning.
We just looked around at the nearby shops.
Odd thing, we saw a rabbit hop through the parking lot at Walmart. We never saw any at our wonderful campsite at Burro Creek?

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