Friday, January 26, 2007

Another Geek Outing

Caltrain Station at California Ave, Palo Alto Adobe Building SF
About 2pm I headed to the California Avenue Caltrain Station in Palo Alto. I went up to San Francisco, 4th and Townsend St. It's a short walk down Townsend Street to the Adobe (formerly Macromedia) building at 7th. I went to attend another Adobe flex seminar "Meet the Flex Team". These are the guys that developed Flex and Apollo. The products are supposed to be able to create desktop applications that can be deployed on any platform. Just what I'm interested in. Live and learn!

My friends Arnold and Andy were there. They are real professionals. My skills would best be described as emerging. It was nice to get all the questions and concerns addressed. For me, it doesn't look quite ready enough but for the long run it looks good. Again, there was pizza and other stuff like salad and most importantly, beer. Since I was riding and not driving, I enjoyed one. I thought the free beer thing had died due to liability concerns. It's nice to see some people are still living.

Headed To Caltrain Station From Adobe
A short walk back up Townsend Street to the train station and I was on the way home.

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