Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bad Dog Meeting


Nothing to do with animals.

I went up to San Francisco to the BAADAUG (Adobe User group) meeting. I was going to drive up with my friend Bill but he canceled just before 4:00 pm and that left enough time to get to the CalTrain station, about 10 blocks away, and catch the 4:11 train to the city. The following train at 5:11 pm would make it a little tight trying to get to the meeting site in time. There's about a mile walk to a new unfamiliar meeting site in the big city. The costs for taking the train are lower for one person but two people can drive up and pay for parking and save a little. The train arrived in San Francisco at 5:00 pm. That was a fast trip.

The meeting was a little orientation to Flex, an Adobe web development tool. It was Interesting, and of course, the pizza was good.

Lou delivered Dawn to her apartment and got her settled in for the start of school tomorrow.


Since I'm trying to learn all these Adobe products, I signed up for a bunch of online seminars. This morning was the first on the use of CSS with Dreamweaver 8. It was informative. The biggest problem I have with these seminars is that they are scheduled. Since retiring, me and schedules have difficulties since I usually don't know what day it is let alone what time. It's always Saturday.


Tinkered in the RV cleaning up after our trip including the unenviable task of dumping the holding tanks. Quite easy actually with the macerator.

At noon, another Adobe seminar on the use of XML, DTD, and XSL files with Dreamweaver. Interesting. I use an XML data file for the map GPS locations on the Camp and Route Map pages. There's a lot more I'd like to do so look out, someday.

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