Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Slo and Pismo Beach

San Lorenzo Campsite Cold Fish
The required photo of our campsite at San Lorenzo Park. There was one lone Koi fish in the pond but he looked cold, under the ice.
Boy were our morning showers refreshing. This park has a very nice and clean shower room. However, the weather is normally pleasant here, not freezing. There is no door to the shower room and they are not heated. This makes for a refreshing shower.

We left King city about 1030. We made our way to Paso Robles and looked around downtown at the antique shops and farmers market. We then went down to Pismo Beach and selected our site.

Pismo Campsite Pismo Beach
All our favorite sites were full. surprising for this time of year and this weather. We found a nice sunny site that had a clear shot at the satellite. We then went downtown for a late lunch. Our favorite restaurant was closed for the real MLK day so we went on to Brads for our fish and chips.

We then went on back to San Luis Obispo to look around downtown.

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