Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Waiting For The Big Top

While Dawn was working on cleaning up her papers from last semester, and Lou did the laundry, I attacked the big fountain in the back yard. This fountain has consisted of four wine barrels, three about 30" in diameter and one about 40 inches in diameter at the bottom. They're located by our wood deck, The water flows from one to the next making that nice gurgly sound that Lou loves. I have a lot of succulents planted around the barrels along with bamboo and other plants we collected. It all looks nice during the summer but during the colder periods, I remove most of the plants to the green house so it looks a little ragged then. Anyway, the big wine barrel sprung a leak a few months ago so we replaced it with a similar sized plastic barrel that we had. That worked for a while until another barrel sprung a leak. In rearranging the fountain for one less barrel, one of the other barrels sprung a leak as well. I think I'm going to need to start looking for replacements. It's now setup with just one small barrel and the big barrel but the remaining wood barrel is on it's last legs as well. This spring, I'll redo the while mess.

We arose this morning expecting to see a large day glow tented house next door. The house is supposed to be fumigated.

Neighbors House Fumigation
The crew finally showed up about 3 pm. After a couple of hours, they had tented the house and separate garage and squirted the gas and were on their way shortly after dark. Now we just hope the wend is blowing toward th tented house.

There is a row of 40' tall cypress trees along the fence between our house and the new neighbor that is having the house fumigated. I would really like to see them gone since they shade our house, continually drop debris, and possibly present a fire hazard. I've started a campaign to try to convince the new neighbor to remove the trees. I hope the campaign is successful, eventually. If they were gone I might be able to install solar panels. With them there, they're no use.

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