Saturday, January 20, 2007

Reagan Presidential Library

We puttered around this morning finally on the road sightly before noon. We headed a bit North to Simi Valley to the Reagan Presidential Library. We just added these visits to our itinerary as we pass them. This is our first such visit.

Reagan Library Entrance Reagan Library Buckles
It's an interesting place. We were there until after 4:30 examining it. It is about 80 percent propaganda but interesting all the same. The gifts are quite interesting. Among them, Reagan received a lot of belt buckles.
Reagan Library Sign The fine print on the sign.
Can you see the sign, we didn't. The sign under the stop sign basically says "No RV's". We traveled into the parking lot. It was a little tight and there was only one other RV there. Before we left, a little scooter stopped by to say we couldn't park there.

Reagan Library Parking
We had to park down on the street about a 1/4 mile back.

After a nice dinner of leftovers at the RV, we then headed toward Bakersfield stopping for the night at Camping World. We need LPG so will get it tomorrow morning before heading over to my Uncle Doug's place.

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