Sunday, January 14, 2007

Rather Cold Everywhere

It's been rather cold here. I looked at the temperature forecasts for the Southern California Coast and LA areas and they are the same forecasts as here, very cold. We're going to head South anyway seeing some indoor stuff if it remains cold as forecast.

We've been down in the low twenty's at night and in the 40's for daytime highs some days. I know this isn't really cold compared to some areas and that this cold blanket covers most of the West but it is rather unusual to even freeze here, at all. When we moved here in 1990, they had just had a heavy freeze that killed a lot of trees and bushes. This year may match it though so far no pipes have burst. I really hate the "global warming". Its soooo cold.

We've been specializing in indoor activities recently due to the cold. We did have some reasonable periods and I did get the arbor removed and wisteria pruned way back. I removed a couple of 8 inch vine trunks leaving less than half of the vine.

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