Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Malibu Creek State Park, Ca

While Lou and Dawn did some final shopping in SLO and visited the Post Office, I hung around our campsite. I got the rig ready to go and puttered on the Internet.

Butterfly Sign Butterflies
I did take a walk over to the monarch butterfly grove next door. It's hard to believe many would survive with this cold spell but they appear to be OK. They congregate like leaves on the trees and look rather pale until they open their wings.
Butterflies Butterfly
Then, they look as they should. A few brave soles were out and about on this cold morning.
Lou  And Dawn on Pismo Beach
When they returned, we took a quick walk on the beach and then hooked up the toad and rolled out.

Pismo Fish Pismo Cole Slaw
First stop, just a short distance, was at the Pismo Fish and Chips Restaurant. They were open today and it was lunch time. On the left is a three piece, lightly battered plate of fish. I opted to the coleslaw rather than chips. It's the best coleslaw made! The fish is normally made with a thicker batter but we find the lightly battered better.

Frosty Camp at Malibu
After lunch, we were on highway 101 southbound toward Malibu. After getting some fuel, we exited at Las Virgines Road heading West about 4 miles off Highway 101 to the park. Lots of room for us even without reservations. We were one of about five campers here. This looks like a very nice park. They do lock you in at nigh so you have to be home by 10:00 pm.

We took off for an emergency purchase of paper plates and looked around the area returning a little after 9pm. There was already frost on the ground. It's about 30 degrees here.

Big Bird Deer At Malibu
We were greeted to our campsite by this big bird. When we left for the day, the deer met us on the way out.

We'll be headed in to Hollywood for a visit tomorrow.

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