Monday, January 15, 2007

San Lorenzo County Park

We hit the road about 11:30 this morning. It really took a while to get ready. Seems like the longer we've been at home, the longer it takes to get back on the road. Things seem to leave the RV and wander inside the house. We're on a short trip for Dawn before she heads back to classes.

We stopped for a late breakfast at Scrambl'z Diner, 775 East Dunne Avenue, Morgan Hill, CA. They do breakfast right.

We didn't make it far before we stopped again. The Factory Outlets in Gilroy were calling Lou and Dawn. We departed there a little after 4pm.

We stopped for the night here in King City at San Lorenzo County Park. They have a very nice, now uncrowded, RV park. It will be nice to have electricity to fight the cold. With the freeze, nothing else will be hooked up.

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