Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chuckwallas, Our Neighbors On The Hill

Chuckwalla At Kripple Kreek Chuckwalla At Kripple Kreek
Sunday: (03/28) When I got home Lou had something to show me. Our neighbor had mentioned that they had seen a chuckwalla across the wash from our campsite. Lou took here binoculars over and found them while I was gone.

Chuckwalla At Kripple Kreek Chuckwalla At Kripple Kreek
We saw two of them, one twice as large as the other and the small one wasn't small probably 18 inches long and 4 inches wide..

Lou fixed ham sandwiches for lunch. I tinkered with the recent photos in the afternoon while Lou continued with her doll making.

Dinner was left over sauerkraut potatoes, pork chops and some fresh steamed spinach.

Our beaver Pond At Night
After dinner we walked out to the beaver pond but didn't have any luck tonight except for a seeing a small fox on the way out and some bats flying around over the lake helping to remove the mosquitos.

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