Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Kripple Kreek Flood

Sunday: (03/07)
Our Campsite In The Dry Wash Our Campsite In The Dry Wash
We awoke to a little rain about 0530. It pitter-pattered all morning.
Waterfall Behind Our Kripple Kreek Campsite Our Dry Wash
About 0930 I noticed what looked like a waterfall up the gully from our campsite. We'd been watching the puddles get bigger and then I saw a flow down the wash from that waterfall. Kripple Kreek itself was starting to flow.

Kripple Kreek
And then we had a lot of water, nothing serious but interesting. Our campsite is between a couple of washes and at the confluence to many. We did have streams on both sides of our little island. I trusted Google which found a weather radar map showing the storm was almost through and no more storm was expected so we took a walk around to enjoy the water in the desert.

One RV upstream did have to move because he was parked in the main flow of Kripple Kreek. A good reason to sleep lightly.

We were told by long term residents that during the last storm the water rose two feet higher. That would have been a problem.

Since it was a bit muddy outside, I processed and published the pictures to the blog from the past week or so.

Lou fixed chorizo and eggs for breakfast. Lunch was some Mexican pisole soup from a can, basically hominy and pork. Very good with toasted bread. Dinner was shrimp noodles and vegetables.

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