Monday, March 15, 2010

Kripple Kreek Gasette

Monday: (03/15) We were off to town fairly early stopping for breakfast at Brownie's Cafe for breakfast. Lou had the Cowboy cinnamon roll (sliced roll buttered and grilled) with ham. I had their corned beef hash and eggs. Everything was great.

We then accomplished the mission of the day, doing our laundry. Next stop was the Palms shopping center for a look around a few places. After wasting the rest of the morning it was time for lunch at Logan's Roadhouse. Lou had BBQ chicken with a sweet potato and salad. i had a pork chop with homemade potato chips and coleslaw. And of course we had their peanuts while we waited adding our contribution of shells on the floor.

We stopped at Walmart's for a couple of things and topped off our gas. We then drove out to Mitry Lake to see what it was like. It's basically just across the river from our camp. Some of the sites look quite nice for  a future visit. While there we chatted with a couple of ladies that, as it turns out were some of our fellow campers in Kripple Kreek. They had come to the lake via our side of the dirt road we were on so we returned home directly via that road rather than the expected return the way we had come.

Dinner was just yogurt. Our lunch lasted. We topped off the evening with a walk to the beaver pond in hopes of seeing our beaver friends but were not so fortunate. We also enjoyed a last campfire with our neighbors from Calgary Gunter and Hilda who will be leaving tomorrow.

Tuesday: (03/16) Lou was off early to the beaver pond in continued hope of sighting the beast. I remained home knowing that it would happen if I weren't with her. She got to see it a couple of times. When she returned we ate oatmeal with brown sugar and yogurt with jam for breakfast.

Our Neighbors Hilda And Gunter
Our neighbors from Calgary (in the Sea Breeze motorhome just like ours) departed for home this morning. After we said our goodbyes, I took a hike up and over the mountain to the lake and by the mines.

Beavertail Cactus Flowers Near Squaw Lake Beavertail Cactus Flowers Near Squaw Lake
There were a lot of nice cactus flowers near the lake that posed for pictures.

Beavertail Cactus Flowers Near Squaw Lake Beavertail Cactus Flowers Near Squaw Lake
It's amazing what a difference a day can make in the flowers. None of these were open yesterday. Timing is everything.

Beavertail Cactus Flowers Near Squaw Lake Beavertail Cactus Flowers Near Squaw Lake
I especially like these beavertail cactus flowers.

Beavertail Cactus Flowers Near Squaw Lake Squaw Lake
For some reason  the flowers look better with a lake near them.

Squaw Lake Flowers
Not only do the cactus flower. There is quite a variety. Sometimes you do have to think small though.

Ocotillo Flowers Ocotillo Flowers
The ocotillo has a pretty flower.

Ocotillo Flowers Ocotillo Flowers
A little color here and there and pretty soon the hills look nice.

Old Senator Mine Old Senator Mine
Just behind our campground over the hill is the Old Senator Mine.

Lou worked at home cleaning the car up some, went to the post office and worked on dolls.

When I got back from my hike we enjoyed a hearty lunch of chips and avocado dip. Then, I enjoyed a nice long afternoon nap.

Dinner was asparagus, tofu, and tortellini that Lou created.

Wednesday: (03/17) Lou was up early again and picked up a neighbor to see the beaver again. They got one glimpse of the beast. I went down to see if i could get a look but it had already canceled future shows for the morning. They walked the road back home while i took the burro trail along the ridge to the West of our camp. When we returned home we had the same breakfast as yesterday, oatmeal with brown sugar and yogurt with jam.

Barrel Cactus Flower Barrel Cactus Flower
Another hike for me this morning. I hiked over the mountain then along the other half of the lake shore to the Imperial Dam. I got to see some of the barrel cacti in bloom.

Lou worked on her dolls.

Squaw Lake Flowers Squaw Lake Flowers
Lots of flowers in the washes and by the lake.

Lunch was leftover bean soup and asparagus, tofu, and tortellini. Dinner was corned beef, cabbage and potatoes cooked in the crock pot.

Thursday: (03/18) Lou was off to the beaver pond again and had one sighting. I worked on posting the photos from the past week or so. When Lou returned we had breakfast. Lou had leftover asparaus tofu ravioli and I had leftover Mexican rice with fish.

Lou fixed a chef salad for lunch.

We had a neighbor camper stop by for a chat and she mentioned she had camped in our spot in a previous year and had gotten a cholla cactus thorn in her finger. the cholla cactus is about 12 feet from our door and near the bird water pan Lou placed out. Wit hthe water and food Lou has drawn quite a bird following. There is quite a lot of activity. A little too much for one poor bird that got caught in the cholla cactus. I had to release it, a potential sticky situation. i used our fire poker. The bird hopped away exhausted but returned by my chair to thank me before leaving. Hopefully it is OK.

We relaxed in camp all day, me doing nothing at the computer while Lou worked on the dolls painting freckles.

Dinner was Italian sausage added to the leftover potatoes and carrots from last nights corned beef and cabbage.

Friday: (03/19) Lou fixed corned beef hash for breakfast. We did a little cleaning of the RV before we headed off to town. The carpet got spray cleaned and needed to dry.

We stopped and looked at some ATV's We kind of like the Yanaha Razor 4, a four seat ATV or RTV. We'll have to find someplace that rents them. We also stopped at a few stores. We stopped at some model homes including some that were made with block bricks with foam in the bricks ending up with R35 walls, probably needed if someone wants to live here during the summer.

About 2pm we had lunch at Eat Asian Supper Buffet on Pacific in Yuma.

We managed to waste another day and topped it off with a stop at the Walmart store for groceries and drinking water. The real necessity of our trip to town was for filtered water refills. We returned home after dark.

Who needed dinner after the buffet. We had some rice pudding cups.

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