Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Warm California Sun

Wednesday: (03/03) Breakfast was toasted English muffins with peanut butter  and jelly. Today we are relaxing at home. The past three days have been too busy. Lou started the crockpot with beans. We are supposed to have sun all day and intend to use it. It's actually almost hot today. This weather is hard to predict. I haven't been able to wear my retirement uniform of short pants too much yet but today is another try at it.

In no  time, doing almost nothing brought us to lunch of cottage cheese and pineapple. I finally started to clean up my desk (binder) and start to think of doing our taxes.

Lou created chili beans from some soup mixes from the pantry (black beans, pinto beans and ?), some sausage, green and red peppers and an onion in the crock pot. She started them about 10am, and turned off the crock pot about 4pm and placed the crockpot in the insulated cozy she made a while back. It finished cooking while we took a walk. It was a nice thick chunky chili which we enjoyed with pan fried toast.

This time it was all solar. Our panels kept up with the crock pot and the satellite Internet system and my computer all day and made up most of last nights use. We'll catch up the remaining 20ah tomorrow by not using the crock pot. Many afternoons much of the potential solar output goes to waste because the batteries won't accept all the current they could generate. Today, that didn't happen. Used it all.

Thursday: (03/04) The original intent was another day like yesterday but that didn't happen. We enjoyed ham Don McMuffins with Munster cheese. There are lots of variations possible. The change in the plans for the day wasn't the type of Don McMuffin. Lou's temporary crown was pinching her gum so we dashed down to Los Algodones get it adjusted. We were back into the US within an hour after leaving it. Much quicker getting through the border in the morning.

Since we were out, we made a day of it. We visited a couple of RV parts shops. We're looking for an adjustable table leg. The second store had one which we bought. We visited several thrift stores as well. Lou also wanted to go to the Craft Barn which was way East  of toen on Highway 95.

We got a snack we called lunch in an Albertson's Market Deli. Some pieces of chicken and potato wedges

In our travels we passed by the Yuma Fairgrounds. The Good Sam Samboree was there and our LED vendor, Len of RV Special Things, was there dispensing his retrofit lamps. When I bumped into them at our dentists office Monday, he said they would finally be picking up the lamps that day. So i gave him a call and he did have them so I went in and got them from him. Now I don't have to pester him any longer and we'll have some really bright, warm white LED lamps saving us some juice.

We also stopped by Walmart's for groceries and filtered water.

We managed to waste the entire day. Fortunately, dinner was easy. Leftover chili and some fresh asparagus.

Friday: (03/05) Breakfast burritos for breakfast. The last of Lou's pork roast and eggs mix this time with a little avocado a well. The same but different.

Coyote Near Imperial Dam Road To Imperial Dam
After breakfast Lou and I took a walk out to the Imperial Dam via the road. It's fairly close to our campsite just the other side of a big hill.

Pond Below Imperial Dam Fishermen Near Imperial Dam
The road took us past a pond below the dam. Even some wildlife was seem in the pond.

Flowers By Pond Below Imperial Dam Flowers By Pond Below Imperial Dam
The flowers are starting to appear.

Flowers Near Imperial Dam Flowers Near Imperial Dam
The flower above left was  on a vine on a fence by the dam. It would look good in our yard. On the right is one of the small flowers in the ground cover in the rocks.

Walking Across Imperial Dam Litter Screen At Imperial Dam
We looked all around even walking across the dam and made sure they were doing a good job with our dam.

Imperial Dam Flood Gate Outlets To Canals From imperial Dam
So much water in the desert is hard to believe but this area has lots of it.

Grand View Of Imperial Dam Pond Below Imperial Dam
Lou returned to camp via the road, which passes through the wetlands we passed coming up to the dam. I took the high road. Our camp is just a hop skip and a jump over the mountain from the dam. That's a hop skip and a jump for a mountain goat but not this old goat. Basically I walked the burro trails up to the ridge and followed the ridges then coming down the other side into our camp. Those burros make some nice trails but sometimes kind of steep. Not to far and possibly a shorted distance that=n Lou's walk back but it took me longer probably because I have to go to the top of each hill. The best view could be from the top of any of them.

Squaw lake Behind Imperial Dam, Senator Wash Dam Back Left
Above shows Squaw lake behind the Imperial Dam. The dam at Senator Wash is shown top left.

On my way home just outside our camp I camp upon an unofficial pet cemetery. One grave was marked 1982 and still had fresh plastic flowers on it. I counted 9 graves.

Today was a duti duty day (DDD). It's only a short drive out to Senator Reservoir to the dump. With that pleasant duty accomplished, we were back in camp and back to relaxing. My major task was backing up all my digital photos. My cameras are both complaining of not having any memory left. One has has thousands of photos from the past two years. It refused to complete a panoramic photo group just because it ran out of memory. Imagine!. With the photos now on my laptop, DVD and an external hard drive, I finally cleared the memory cards. Now I can go crazy taking pictures again.

Lunch was yogurt at noon and a cottage cheese, red peppers, onion and three bean salad at 2pm. Dinner was a Chinese meal. Rice noodles with mixed vegetables, tofu, and shrimp sauteed together.

(03/06) We didn't do much today, just tinkered on our projects. It was pretty windy all day. I did some writing. Lou worked on Dolls.

Breakfast was PBJ English Muffins. Lunch was a salad for Lou and a ham sandwich for me. Dinner was Swedish meat balls on baked potatoes with fresh asparagus.

Grave At Kripple Kreek pet Cemetary Grave At Kripple Kreek pet Cemetary
Yesterday on my hike home I came across this cemetery which I showed Lou on a short walk today.

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