Monday, March 29, 2010

Kripple Kreek, Last Days

Monday: (03/29) We've been here at Kripple Kreek for about a month now and it's nearing time to move on. It's still nice here but will be hot soon. Many of our neighbors have already departed to head North toward their homes or cooler climates. We want to head over to Anza Borrega State Park before it gets hot, then head North. We also like fairs, and that is what has kept us here. The Yuma Arizona County Fair starts Tuesday afternoon and we are going to the fair and then can leave Wednesday.

I posted recent pictures, since 3/20, of our activities. Lots of flowers and hills.

  1. Chuckwallas, Our Neighbors On The Hill

  2. Senator Wash Gorge Trail

  3. Yuma Air Show At The MCAS

  4. Kripple Kreek Lazy Daze

  5. Picacho State Recreation Area

Lou is starting some beans in the krock pot today and fixed eggs Benedict for breakfast. We almost. We had some broken English muffins, some  ham, and eggs. Lou prepared a sauce using yogurt, Velvetta cheese, and Parmesan cheese. As good or better than Hollandaise sauce and accomplished without egg yolks which my stomach doesn't like.

It turned into  a hot day today. Lou tinkered on her dolls, as usual. I tinkered at the computer, as usual. Just after noon we drove down to Bard and got our mail and more date milk shakes. Fortunately, it cooled off some in the late afternoon .

Ham and beans for dinner, cooked in the crock pot.

Burros Visit Us At Kripple Kreek Burros Visit Us At Kripple Kreek
We had a pleasant surprise after dinner. Three burros dropped by for a visit, one got a drink of water from Lou's bird bath. We haven't seen them in our camp except on our first night here. Tonight is our next to the last night here so I guess they only visit us we we're coming or going?

Tuesday: (03/30) Breakfast was cherrios with yogurt and jam. After breakfast we headed toward town to do our laundry. After our mornings labor, we did some shopping. We stopped at Big Lots where I got my energy drinks and some other irresistible items. I find that they have the best energy drinks, much better than Red Bull at 14 the cost. I usually just use them when I'm driving in the afternoon. They also had some other food items we needed. I also picked up an ink cartridge for our printer at Staples. We also happened upon a Harbor Freight Tools store. That required a look around as well.

We intended to stop at the Ranch House restaurant for Lou to get a dose of BBQ but they are closed M-F. So we continued shopping stopping at a Red Wing shoe store for Lou to look for some new Birkenstock sandles. her current pair is falling apart. They didn't have her style but I did find a nice pair of hiking boots to replace my current worn out pair.

We finally stopped for lunch at Applebee's. We had some spinach dipp and chips and I had a cheese burger while Lou had BBQ riblets. That had to do for Lou's BBQ needs until sometime in the future.

A Nice Quilt At The Yuma Fair Yuma Fair Photos
At 3pm we headed over to the Yuma County Fair which opened at 3pm today and it was dollar day as well. A nice quilt at the Yuma Fair. Lots of photes and fine art at the fair.

Flowers At Yuma Fair Flowers At Yuma Fair
We looked all around their very nice fair. There are very active 4h and FFA as well as lots of crafts, fine arts and more. These were our favorite flowers, mine on the left, Lou's on the right. And then there were the animals. It wasn't too big so it didn't take too long to see everything.

We stopped at Walmart's for some groceries, got gas and headed home. A busy day.

Wednesday: (03/31) Up early, packing to depart. A quick breakfast and a final visit to the dump and we're on our way. Unfortunately it's cloudy and rain is expected with some winds but hopefully all will be good enough to travel.

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