Monday, March 8, 2010

Kripple Kreek Air Show

Monday: (03/08) First thing in the morning, with the skies clear, we moved back to our campsite. Then we were off to Los Algodones. Lou's temporary cap fell out last night. It took just a moment to get it reinstalled, kind of a waste considering she gets the permanent crown tomorrow. We looked around for  while, then enjoyed brunch at the El Paradisio and were in the line to leave by 11am. Not early enough to avoid a 1 hour wait to get back to the good old US.

On our way home we stopped at the market and the Post Office in Bard to get our mail.

When we finally got home, I fixed some chili sizes for dinner and we enjoyed some nice sunny weather. We had a covey of quail, a flock of doves, a flock of swallows, and a flock of humming birds putting on a nice show. The quail sweep back and forth through the wash like a tide. The doves were playing in the rocks up the hill, the swallows were doing an air show overhead and the humming birds buzzing past our heads from a bush on one side of our camp to the other and back and forth. A nice show.

We took an evening stroll up the the Senator Wash Reservoir via a mule trail and returned past the beaver pond. Didn't spot them in the pond but talked to a neighbor who has seem them a couple of times in the morning so our next look will be in the morning.

Tuesday: (03/09) Breakfast was Cherrios and bananas. We were off to Los Algodones again this morning. Hopefully the last time for a while. Lou had a 10am appointment ot get her permanent Crown installed. She got in early but they took their time getting it just right which took over an hour. After it was installed, she wasn't allowed to eat for another 1.5 hours so we looked around town a while before having more shrimp tacos, a tomale and a vanilla milk shake for lunch. The tomale was excellent as was everything else. After lunch I decided to get some glasses. After a very through eye exam the glasses were ordered to be ready in 2 hours. Lou got in the exit line to the US early while I waited the final 15 minutes to pickup the glasses. That saved me about a third of the line by the time i met her.

It was quite windy all day. We headed directly home to relax. Since we were in a Mexican themed menu today Lou fixed super nachos for dinner.

After dinner we walked down to the beaver pond to see if we could see the critters. No luck. Maybe tomorrow.

Beaver Pond Beaver Pond
Wednesday: (03/10) We woke up early and walked back to the beaver pond before sunrise. While we enjoyed the morning and the view we still had no luck spotting the beaver.

Beaver Pond Beaver Pond
The morning is a nice time to visit the pond even if we don't see the beaver. The birds are singing, the light is right and the water still.

Beaver Pond
The reflections make it twice as nice.
Beaver Dam Beaver Dam
The beaver dam is a marvelous thing.

Breakfast was fondue and bread. Lou was off on a great adventure today. She prepared a list of all the thrift stores in Yuma with the intent to see them all today. The real thrill will be finding out if she can find her way back home since she has only been the passenger so far..

I tinkered with the computer most of the day except for an afternoon photo walk. I walked back the burro trail we hiked back home on this morning to see some yellow flowers that looked like they would open up today. They did open. I hope they turn out.

Our Kripple Kreek Campsite Our Kripple Kreek Campsite
I also hiked up another mountain behind our campground. Someone placed a flag there and I've noticed some old mine shafts on the side of the hill, all needing exploration. I do feel like a goat when I hike these rocky hills. Without the help of the burros leaving some trails, it might be much more difficult.

Our Kripple Kreek Campsite Interesting Beetles Near Kripple Kreek Flag
I came across some rocks that looked like they contained gold so hopefully I'm now rich. If not, then I'm a fool, I quess. These beetles were found near the top of the mountain by the Kripple Kreek Flag. I'm not sure why they found this spot so interesting. it must have been quite a hike for them. Another bunch of mountain tops have now been conquered.

Lou did find her way home. I fixed spaghetti for dinner.

Hummingbird Hummingbird
The humming birds have been busy using Lou's feeder mounted on the dinette window. She put it up a couple of days ago after our big air show. The humming birds were buzzing around our camp even with no feeder up. About four take their turns at the feeder. One black headed, One red headed, and two gray headed. When a yellow headed humming bird appeared I regretted having just put my camera. I haven't seen a yellow headed humming bird before. Still haven't. Lou pointed out while it was the same size as the humming birds, it's beak was short. It couldn't get any food from the humming bird feeder. Poor thing. So Lou put up a similar bird seed feeder on the opposite window. We'll see what appears tomorrow.

Thursday: (03/11) Lou baked some biscuits and fixed sausage gravy for breakfast.

Flowers Near Kripple Kreek
The yellow flowers we saw earlier did open up.

Flowers Near Kripple Kreek Flowers Near Kripple Kreek
The flowers are beginning to appear everywhere.

We took a morning walk out the burro trail past the pet cemetery and along side a pond South of our campsite. With that accomplished, we returned to camp and tinkered for a while. For lunch Lou fixed fresh asparagus with ham and cheese.

After lunch we started out to take a drive over to a little community near the junction of Senator Wash Road and Highway S24. That didn't take long itself but we took Ferguson Road from there. It heads back to Senator Wash Reservoir the back way, if you make a turn. We decided not to turn and continued on out Ferguson Road to Ferguson Lake about 7 miles of gravel road that could be considered a 4 wheel drive road at times. We made it all the way to the lake except for the last 1/4 mile where we decided not to chance a large muddy hole. The occasionally minor washed out roads all the way there were not a big problem but slippery mud wouldn't have been good for us in our Volvo. We walked the last 1/4 mile to the campgrounds and looked around. Nice spots but not for a motorhome like ours. This was a practice run for our planned visit to Pichaco State park later via it's 18 miles of gravel road.

When we returned it was time for chocolate peanut butter ice cream sundaes.

It's been quite windy today.

Dinner was Spaghetti and coleslaw.

We had new neighbors arrive just before dinner. They pulled in across the wash from us. The have a Sea breeze just like ours so we knew they were smart. Hilda and Gunter are from Alberta Canada via Germany. We enjoyed their campfire until quite late.

Friday: (03/12) Breakfast was leftover biscuits and gravy with Mandarin oranges.

Today is shower day. Lou and I weren't in agreement on whether we had already had three shower days or not. I said no she said yes and it was time to dump. I enjoyed my shower when she started hers, she proved herself right as the holding tank was evidently full. So we took care of that little detail and then she finished her shower.

It's another nice sunny day.

We managed to waste another day at home doing what we like, our little projects, me at the computer, Lou with her dolls. We move the bird seed feeder from the window to a tree and the birds discovered it. I guest they were to afraid to eat t our window, unlike the humming birds.

I did go through our RC airplane collection changing and charging batteries. We haven't used them for almost a year so it's about time. I do need to repair a couple of things on a couple of the planes after we get some appropriate glue. On the rare day we have no wind, we'll be able to fly them.

Lou fixed fried fish, broccoli and Mexican rice for dinner.

Saturday: (03/13) Lou fixed a nice full breakfast. Eggs, sausage, and hashbrown potatoes. We needed fortification for our shopping adventure today. We were off early to the Arizona Market Place flea market and to the Yuma Park 'n Swap in Yuma. Lots to see. The two combined are similar to the San Jose Flea Market.

After wearing ourselves out we stopped for a late lunch at the Golden Coral and then did a little grocery and other shopping. To top the day, we stopped by the Cocopah Casino south of Yuma for a look around. Lou tried to lose her usual $1 but the machines would cooperate and she tired and left with her dollar after an hour or so of play.

Our lunch was still effective five hours later when we got to camp so we grabbed a cup of tea and our chairs and joined our neighbors at the campfire. Busy day.

We had some strong winds last night.

Sunday: (03/14) Lou started some beans in the crock pot and fixed a nice spam breakfast with the leftover potatoes from yesterday. Today was a more relaxing day at home, mostly. We took a hike up and around our mountain.

Lunch was a broccoli, bacon and cranberry salad. We spent the afternoon listening to a music jam here in the LTVA. It was pretty nice.

We invited our neighbors Gunter and Hilda over  to share our bean soup for dinner then spent the rest of the evening at their campfire.

The weather was quite nice all day with a little breeze.

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