Monday, August 22, 2011

A Fire And A Fever

Monday: (08/22) We were in no hurry to leave this morning. Breakfast was sourdough toast. I didn't feel like eating much and was huffing and puffing so we decided to stay another day, at least that was our plan. Lou and Dawn drove over the bridge to Chitina to try and get some Pepto Bismal for me and some drinking water since we were almost out. They found the Pepto but couldn't find anyplace to fill our water bottles with drinkable water. It seems the town well was lost in a flood in 2006 and there wasn't any good water, just water from the river which was gray with silt. No thanks. She broke down and bought a couple of expensive water bottles at the market.

Chitina Fire Helicopter Chitina Fire Smoke
About noon we heard a helicopter buzzing around a lot and Lou and Dawn went out to see what was up. The helicopter was carrying a bucket and flying from the river below us to a mountain above Chitina. They could smell smoke. The two cement mixers were used to fill one of two buckets that were being used. Probably fire suppressant mix? Since our only way out was by the fire we decided to leave.

Chitina Narrows
The road into Chitina From Kennicott. On the way through town I chuckled when I saw the fire danger sign which said "Low Fire Hazard." We drove out most of the way on highway 10 to just before highway 4 and stopped in a wayside for lunch. Lou fixed a mild chicken and rice mix for lunch. While I relaxed in the RV, Lou and Dawn went out to a couple of nearby stores then returned. We stayed the night in our nice wayside. Dinner was leftovers. Mild rice and chicken for me and spaghetti for Dawn and Lou.
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