Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kennecott, McCarthy And Wrangel-St Elias NP

Copper River SRA In Chitina
Our campsite in Chitina by the Copper River.

Sunday: (08/21) Granola and yogurt for breakfast. We were off by 0730 toward McCarthy. We stopped many times to look a wildlife and other interesting things like old railroad trestles but still arrived in McCarthy by 0930.

Swans In Wrangel NP Swans In Wrangel NP
Wrangel St Elias Park was nice. These swans didn't mind our visit. McCarthy Road is unpaved all the way and filled with potholes.

Old Tressle Along McCarthy Road
The McCarthy Road follows the old railroad grade and some of the trestles are interesting.

Old Railcar And The Kennecott Mill Kennecott Recreation Hall With The Glacier Behind It
We caught the shuttle to Kennecott where we had our lunch of olive loaf sandwiches. Kennecott is the end of the railroad from Cordova. The mill is seen in the back above left behind an old railcar that was used after the mine closed. The recreation hall is shown above right with the Kennicott Glacier behind it. The gravel behind is not mine tailings but is ice covered with gravel. It used to be 200 feet taller when the mine started operation 90 years ago.

Kennecott Mill Dawn And lou Entering The Kennecott Mill
We toured the mill building which is 14 stories high and explored the town before catching the shuttle back to McCarthy at 5:30pm.

View Of Kennecott From The Mill Kennecott Power House With Glacier Behind
From the top of the mill the view of town and the glacier is pretty good.

An Old Building In McCarthy McCarthy Road Pot Holes
McCarthy above left, the McCarthy Road above right. We looked around McCarthy and enjoyed the museum there before returning to our car. There are no roads to McCarthy. It stops on the opposite side of the Kennicott River. It's about a 1/2 mile walk back to the car from McCarthy. We returned home by 9pm. Spaghetti for dinner.

Note: Kennicott is spelled three ways. Kennicott (the Glacier and river below the mine), Kennecott (the mine) and Kennycott (the way the manager often spelled it)

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