Friday, November 9, 2012

Almaden Quicksilver Hike

Friday: (11/09) I had breakfast at Jack In The Box on the way to my hike in San Jose. Lou was out on here regular Friday early morning grocery shopping spree.

Quicksilver OSP Hikers Quicksilver OSP Hike
I met my Meertup hiking group at the Almaden Quicksilver Park. This park is home of a big old mercury mine from the gold rush days. Mercury was needed to process gold so the mercury mine was busy. We took a rather short 5.5 mile hike that was pretty steep going out and fairly quick coming down on the return. About a 1550 foot total climb. While rain had threatened to cancel the hike, it having rained heavily last night, we had good weather for the hike. Some nice views along the trail of the Almaden Valley and Santa Clara Valley.

After the hike I headed South to San Marten, just North of Gilroy to check out a park for a future hike. I had lunch in Morgan Hill at Scramblez, chicken fried steak and eggs. For dinner we had leftover corned beef with potatoes mashed with cauliflower and peas.

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