Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stanford Arboretum and Dish Hill Loop Trial Hike

Thursday: (11/29) Lou and Dawn were off for their appointments early. I had a Don McMuffin for breakfast.

Stanford Mausoleum  Stanford Family Sculpture
After breakfast I drove over the the Stanford Campus. Since we have a lull in our rain today, I planned a hike for the group that would be good for a rainy day or just after. At least that is what I hoped. So I decided to check it out. I started at the Stanford Shopping Center and hiked through parts of the Arboretum around the dry Lake Langunitas and up and around Dish Hill then returned. The hike was 8.5 miles and took 3.5 hours. Along the way I stopped and chatted with a former coworker, Ludi, for quite a while. Extremely nice views from the hill. Above is the Stanford Family Mausoleum and their statue.

Stanford Cactus Garden  Stanford Cactus Garden
I really liked the cactus garden. I'll have to return in the coming weeks to watch the flowering cacti all ready to pop open their flowers.

Stanford Old Church
Stanford's Old Church is rather ornate.
Stanford Dish Hill The Big Dish  Stanford Dish Hill Trail
The big dish and the trail on top of the Dish Area.

Stanford Dish Hill
A view across the hills  of one of the dishes on the hills above Stanford.

Stanford Arboretum Trail  Stanford Arboretum Fall Colors
There are some nice looking spots on the trails made even better looking by the paint of fall colors.

On the way to lunch I was rudely interrupted by someone running into the rear of the Jeep. Fortunately not hard enough to cause damage just enough to make me think there probably was. Lunch was at Jack In The Box. It had started raining as I was finishing my hike and by the time I got home it had rained pretty good. For dinner Dawn made chicken mushroom soup with toast.

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