Saturday, November 24, 2012

Good Weather After Thanksgiving?

Saturday: (11/24) A nice sunny warm day. Usually we are into winter after Thanksgiving. Chicken hash and eggs for breakfast. I tinkered inside in the morning. Lou was off to a craft faire. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. After lunch I figured I'd better get to work so I installed the drain trench and laid all but the edge bricks that need cutting for the section of patio that needs the bricks. Leftover chicken, thrice baked potatoes, and green beans for dinner.

Sunday: (11/25) Popcorn for breakfast. I spend the day slicing and fitting bricks for the patio. I got all but three little pieces installed. So I have something to do tomorrow. It was getting dark and Lou came by and said to quit because that's when mistakes are made. She's right, as usual, so I quit. Chips and salsa for lunch. BBQ ribs, baked potato, green beans and corn on the cob for dinner.

Monday: (11/26) Cereal with honey for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were off to an appointment.

Finished Red brick Patio Dirt Pile With Brick Dust
I got to work and installed the four cut bricks that remained to finish the patio. I then grouted and sanded it. then cleaned up, which, in addition to putting away my tools, included moving the remaining brick pile to a better location. Hopefully that completes all the heavy work projects for the year. The red clay dust made my dirt pile look better.

Now to get the motorhome ready to roll. Lou has been repairing the Venetian blinds and scrubbing the dash and seats. Lots more to do if we want to really tidy up. Lou made tacos for lunch. In the afternoon, we all made a Costco run. Dinner was a rotisserie chicken from Costco with leftovers from the fridge. Weather was nice today. Mostly sunny.

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