Thursday, November 29, 2012

Still Raining

Friday: (11/30) Lou and Dawn had cereal before heading out for Friday grocery shopping. I had a Don McMuffin for breakfast before i started tinkering inside. We had heavy rain all last night and this morning. Chicken mushroom soup and toast for lunch. Lou worked detailing the interior of the RV. Dawn prepared chicken, baked potatoes and green beans for dinner.

Saturday: (12/01) Rainy day schedule today. Spinach and cheese oven omelet for breakfast. sausage and cheese English muffin sandwich for lunch. Lou and Dawn were out shopping. I tinkered at home all day. Lou and I were cat sitting today necessitating spending time at Courtney's to play with spunky. Pot roast for dinner.

Sunday: (12/02) Rainy day schedule today. Leftover spinach and cheese oven omelet for breakfast. Leftover pot roast for lunch. More cat sitting today. Lou was busy with the laundry. I tinkered. Chicken soup for dinner.

Monday: (12/03) The rain is gone, at least today. Nice and sunny. Lou and Dwn were off early to appointments. They had cerel for breakfast. I stopped for a breakfast sandwich and Jack In The Box. I stopped by Harbor Freight to swap my defective nail gun. I met Lou there while Dawn checked out a book store. She then went on to another sppointment leaing me alone at the mens toy store. I picked up a winch on sale and a ventilation tube fan to help change the air under the house.We've been smelling mold since the rain. We all met at the local nearby Chinese buffet there in Santa Clara for lunch. They then went on shopping and I went in search of some plywood and other hardware store looking myself. Busy Busy. Dinner was Kentucky Fried Chicken Monday specials, chicken and corn.

Tuesday: (12/04) A nice day, no rain and only some high clouds ocassionally. Lou and I were out shopping. Dawn was working as a volunteer at the Los Altos Library. Lou and I went to Southern Lumber in San Jose. i needed a good piece of oak wood for a modification in the RV. I didn't like the wood at Home Depot and Lowes so we went to our local real lumber store. I found just the right piece with a good even grain. Unfortunately, real lumber stores aren't as cheat as the junk lumber stores but the premium was worth it. Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant for Lunch. Artichokes and avocadoes for dinner. We had some of each that were timing out. I added a sausage cheese Engish muffin to my dinner.

Wednesday: (12/05) Lou was off to an early appointment. I dropped Dawn off at the trolley station about 0930. Since i was in Mountain View, I stopped at the Hong Kong bakery for a pork bun and egg tart for my breakfast. An advantage of a late breakfast. Lou and Dawn don't visit there since they went gluten free. We had another downpour this morning and it sprinkled the rest of the day. I tinkered at the computer all day. When Lou was free, I met her for lunch at her favorite New Tung Kee noodle house. She had pad Thai and I had a couple of egg rolls. Lou worked pn the dinette cushions. they were always a bit too big since we replaced them a couple of years ago so shes' reducing their size. I put a pork roast with potatoes and saurkraught in the low cooker rather late about 2pm. Since I was late I started the potatoes with a litlle microwave time before placing them in the pot. Dinner was ready at 7pm.

Thursday: (12/06) Fired saurkraughted potatoes with sliced pork roast and eggs for breakfast. I tinkered in the shop in the morning. I also attached a couple of tasks from the to do list like fixing the fgate and front security door locks that were acting up. Beef pot roast with carots, onions and potatoes for dinner.

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