Saturday, November 17, 2012

Prelude To Thanksgiving

Saturday: (11/17) Leftover rice for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were off to the Stanford rummage sale. I relaxed inside most of the day. Chorizo nachos for lunch. Lou made potato cheese soup for dinner. After dinner we went to the 21st Annual Tellabration Story Concert. Some excellent story tellers present their best efforts.

Sunday: (11/18) Spinach omelet for breakfast. I spent the morning laying some more bricks. Fortunately, no rain fell today but it was very wet outside. I quite about 1:30 and cleaned up. Lou was busy with the laundry and building a cabinet in her play room. We had loaded baked potatoes for lunch. We took a little drive after lunch. I checked out a park I'll be leading a hike on this Friday. I needed to confirm where we'll meet. The we visited Harbor Freight for a 2 hour members sale. I bought a new air compressor and a few other tools. 30% off is worth the trip. Tacos for dinner.

Monday: (11/19) Leftover spinach omelet for breakfast. I tinkered at the computer all morning. A loaded baked potato with sausage and baked beans for lunch.
Wilton Rear Walkway Finished  Wilton Rear Walkway Finished
After lunch I finally went outside and started to work. I laid the last 7 feet of the walkway then grouted and sanded it and ran the tamper over it. The walkway should be done. I still have to lay about 3x7 feet of patio after I intercept the drain line and install a drain slot to drain the patio. Unfortunately the intercept point is under Ernie's trailer so it will be interesting to do it. We had KFC chicken for dinner.

Tuesday: (11/20) Don McMuffins for all this morning. Lou and Dawns were on there home made gluten free muffins. Fortunately, the rain we are supposed to have should be later today.

Wilton Patio Drain Installed
I  intercepted a drain line and extended it for a drain for the patio area I need to put in. The patio area will have a sunken area in the middle of it. Fortunately the drain line is just below where it needs to be. I managed to get  the pipe line installed (white spot in center of photo above) and everything back-filled and ready. I got it in before any rain which would have made a big mess. I need to go by Lowe's to get the trench drain next. Mine was real. Lunch was cottage cheese and fruit. For dinner Lou made roast chicken, mashed potatoes with cauliflower, and green beans.

Wednesday: (11/21) Donuts for breakfast. It's a rainy day so I was on a rainy day schedule meaning a no work day. I took a drive by the park for my Friday hike and determined where the trailhead was. It could be embarrassing to try to lead a hike and not, at least, know where to start. After that I stopped off at Lowe's and got my drain gutter. Lou was off to an appointment. We met for lunch at LUU Noodle House for our usual lunch, chow fun noodles, egg rolls and an avocado smoothie. Lou made chicken vegetable soup for dinner. In the evening I finally posted some photos on this blog for the past couple of weeks.

Thursday: (11/22) Thanksgiving Day. We went to breakfast at our local grill, A Good Morning. Lou and Dawn shared a Cancun omelet and I had a Mexican omelet. Both involved chorizo. It was nice of them to be open today. I tinkered in the shop putting things away. Dinner was early. We passed on the turkey. Our meal consisted of roast chicken breasts, twice baked potatoes, cashew green beans, baked stuffing muffins, fresh cranberry sauce, corn on the cob, and a fruit salad. All followed later in the evening with apple and pumpkin pies. In the evening we watched Doris Day and Rock Hudson movies.

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