Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Merry Christmas

Tuesday: (12/25) Merry Christmas to all! We didn't get too much into the holiday mood this year. The tree was thinly decorated as was the rest of the house. Lou has collected a few Christmas wreaths for the front door. One is a singing wreath that probably drove the neighbors crazy for th week or two it was up. Lou traded it for a more conventional wreath after a while. For breakfast we enjoyed popcorn. Lunch was nibbles of cheese and crackers, beef log and deviled eggs. Earnie started the ham early. Some of the presents weren't wrapped. No surprise what they were anyway. The winch for the Jeep is rather big so it was the tree base. It's mount was similarly big and unwrapped. Most presents were things we'd have gotten even if it weren't a holiday for giving. We're back to the rain today. 

Wednesday: (12/26) Another very rainy day. We all went down to San Jose early. Dawn had an early appointment. Lou and I stopped by La Victoria Restaurant in downtown San Jose for breakfst. Lou ordered a breakfast burrito without the flour tortilla. It was served on a plate with a corn tortilla. I had a conventional breakfast burrito. They make a great burrito and their oramge sauce is outstanding. We then stopped by Danw's apartment. we checked the basement and discovered a lot of water. I do need to install a sump pump. We also noticed a wet spot in the basement under the kitchen sink. The main house tenants didn't want us to work on it today so we scheduled the repair for tomorrow. Lunch and dinner were leftovers. After lunch we made a trip to Costco for a few things. Dawn visited Best Buy and i visir-ted REI nearby. Lou was on here way to pick us up when there was a misap and she and another driver both backed into each other. The Hyundai doesn't look as bad as the VW Passat. Though both have miner damage I'm sure it won't be cheap.

Thursday: (12/27) A nice dry day. We were all up early and headed to San Jose for breakfast at La Victoria Restaurant in downtown San Jose. They are nice enough to make gluten free breakfast burritos for Lou and Dawn, all the fixins on a plate served with a corn tortilla.  We had an appointment with the San Jose tenants to fix a leak under their kitchen sink. That task took most of the day. A very stuborn leak. I also restocked their water softener salt. I had a late lunch at Sweet Tomatoes salad buffet. Lou and Dawn had appointments. Lou took the Hyundai in for service and to a body shop for an estimate. Lou got an estimate for the Hyundai repair, only $750. The other party had a $1650 estimate. Then she and Dawn played on the way home. Dinner was leftovers. Since it was a little breezy today our yard dried out fairly well so my hike tomorrow may be a little less muddy. 

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