Friday, December 14, 2012

Monte Bello , Skyline Ridge, Russian Ridge, Coal Creek Loop Hike

Friday: (12/14) Threatening rain. A nice day for a hike. I met my hiking group at Monte Bello Ridge Open Space Preserve about seven miles West of Palo Alto near the top of the mountains. I had scheduled a hike for the group that looped through four of the preserves at the top of the mountains. Monte Bello Ridge OSP, Skyline Ridge OSP, Russian Ridge OSP and Coal Creek OSP. The hike was 8 miles and had a total climb of 1868 feet with an elevation change of 675 feet. It took us 3 hours and 38 minutes. While it was raining as we arrived, it was clear for our entire hike and then started to rain again as we arrived back at our cars. Of course, since it had rained yesterday, we did have some mud on the trails. There were only five hearty hikers that braved the weather, a little smaller group than normal. Here is the GPS track for the hike.

Monte Bello Loretta, Bon=b and Sharon Crossing Stevens Creek Skyline Ridge OSP Alpine Pond
Fellow hikers Loretta, Bob and Sharon crossing Stevens Creek in Monte Bello Ridge OSP. Above left is the Alpine Pond in Skyline Rodge OSP.

Russian Ridge OSP Ancient Oaks Trail Russian Ridge OSP View West Russian Ridge OSP Ancient Oaks Trail
Above left the Ancient Oaks Trail in Russian Ridge OSP. Middle a view of the Butano Mountains from Russian Ridge OSP. Right another view of the Ancient Oaks Trail.

Skyline Rpad Vista Point View Of Palo Alto Coal Creek OSP Meadow Trail
A view of Palo Alto form the vista point on the mountain ridge. Our home is about the center of the photo way in the distance. All that green area and including the light colored area that is Dish Hill on the Stanford University campus is almost all park land, Open Space land or other public open space. Starting with Coal Creek OSP, then Los Tracnos OSP, then Foothills Park, then Pearson Arastradero Preserve and finally Stanford's Dish Hill. About nine miles of parks. From where I took the photo you can hike in preserves either direction (left or right) for more than 20 miles. It does make finding a new path for a hike for the group easier. We are so fortunate to have so much park land so close to home. Above right along the Meadow Trail in Coal Creek OSP.

Lou and Dawn were busy at home sewing and reading, then some shopping. After lunch I finished up the gutter cleaning by reinstalling the gutter guard.

Breakfast was egg sausage and cheese muffins. Lunch was a chili size for me Subway sandwiches for Lou and Dawn. Dinner was hamburgers with grilled onions and mushrooms.

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