Monday, December 10, 2012

Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter

Monday: (12/10) Pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were off to their appointments. I loaded the Jeep and headed to San Jose to clean out the rain gutters. Better late than never. Lou and Dawn met me at the house after their appointments. Lou was my spotter to call the undertaker if I were to fall off the roof. We fear the tenants would just step over me. All went well and didn't take too long. I also cleaned off the garage roof. Our neighbors tree is prolific! While the work hours weren't long, the work sure made us tired. Yes, Lou was tired too. She was the ground crew hauling the bucket loaded with leaves to the pile. Lunch was KFC chicken. For dinner, we went to the Crepevine in downtown Palo Alto. Of course, we had savory crepes followed by a shared sweep crepe for desert. The movie of he evening was The Odd Life Of Timothy Green, thanks to Netflix.

Tuesday: (12/11) An apple fritter for breakfast. I drove Lou to an appointment then browsed a new Grocery Outlet store and the Harbor Freight nearby. Lou and I stopped by our local Subway sandwich shop for their special $2 six inch meatball sandwich for me and all the ingredients of a coldcut sandwich for her, no bun.

Monte Bello Ridge OSP Pond
After lunch, I went up the hill to check out some questions I had about the hike I have scheduled for this Friday. I needed to check some trail connections and whether some trails might be closed for winter. I also explored this pond. All OK. Dinner was chili beans for me and chicken with baked potatoes and tomatoes.

Wednesday: (12/12/12) Lou and Dawn were busy with appoints much of the day. I relaxed, partly due to it raining today. I got some stuff off my desk. Latkas with yogurt and apple sauce with bacon for breakfast. Lunch at the usual LUU Noodle House. Lou made chicken hash for dinner.

Thursday: (12/13) I had a PBJ English muffin for breakfast. Lou and Dawn had buckweat cereal for their breakfast. They were off for their appointments. I went out and caught the bus to do some Christmas shopping. I picked up some things at Walmart and Target before stopping at Subway for a meatball sandwich for lunch then returning home. My afternoon project was cleaning out the gutter on the sun room. It's generally a lengthy job due to such a lousy design with no access and lots of leaf traps. For dinner Lou fried the last of the saurkraughted potatoes with some sausage. It was followed by a piece of Courtney's pumpkin pie.

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