Saturday, December 15, 2012

Good Weather To Be Inside

Saturday: (12/15) We enjoy watching the PBS TV show America's Test Kitchen. We were inspired by a recipe for French onion soup the other day so today Lou started making it. It called for apple butter but she didn't find any she liked so she bought apples and made some. It also required 12 hours in the slow cooker so while she started it today, it wasn't ready in time for dinner today. Guess what dinner is tomorrow. Otherwise we managed to relax all day due to it raining outside.

Buckwheat cereal for breakfast. Lou and I made a trip to the hardware store in Redwood City so we stopped on the way at Chavez Market for brunch quesodillas, mine flour, Lou's corn due to that gluten thing. Shephard's Pie for dinner.

Sunday: (12/16) A cool rain threatened bu no rain day. I was busy cleaning up the shop, sealing up some cracks in the shop wall, and rearranging the shop. Lou was busy sewing.

Breakfast at A Good Morning restaurant this morning. French onion soup and cheese toast for dinner.

Monday: (12/17) A rainy day. I started the day working in the office. In the afternoon I worked in the shop assembling the new RV valances. I also demolished an old broken cartop carrier so it would fit in the trash barrel. Lou and Dawn were off all day with appointments and shopping.

Sausage and pancakes for breakfast. Toasted cheese sandwich for lunch. French onion soup and cheese toast for dinner.

Tuesday: (12/18) Today was the Traffic and Electrical Operations Christmas Pancake Breakfast where I used to work. It's nice to visit occasionally to see what they are up to. For lunch I met Lou and Dawn at the LUU Noddle House for our usual Chinese lunch. Dinner was Lou's beef burgundy. I accomplished nothing else today. Lou was busy with laundry and sewing. Dawn worked at the library.

Wednesday: (12/19) Cereal for breakfast. I went trough the stuff I removed from th RV when it went in to the shop a while back. Lots of stuff didn't make it back as I reloaded the RV and Jeep. Amazing what you think you might need and don't and what you can collect. Lou had an appointment and when she returned, i was allowed to go onto the roof of th RV and reinstall the rain cover on the fantastic fan vent I replaced a while back. I had ordred a better cover and it came after I had already installed the vent. Lunch at LUU Noodle house. Lou and I shared a combnation chow fun. Dinner at Chevy's mexican restaurant. Lou and I shared a super cinco combination.

Thursday: (12/20) Don Mcmuffin for breakfast. It's another cold day. We had heavy rain forcaste but it's been clear all day. I tinkered inside most of the day. Lou and Dawn had some appointments and went down to Gilroy to look around the Hobby Lobby store and other things. I had cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. For dinner I grabbed a wet burrito from our nearby El Grullense Taqueria. Lou and Dawn had lunch in San Jose at the Original Joe's Itallian Restaurant, corned beef and cabbage day. They also ventured down to Morgan Hill to the new Hobby Lobby craft store then had dinner in Gilroy at the Black Bear Diner.

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