Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Rainy Christmas Season

Saturday: (12/22) Lou made a spinach omelet for breakfast. Since it's raining rather nicely, I tinkered inside all day as did we all. Dawn's friend Andrea came over for a visit. Courtney stopped by and Ernie took us all out to lunch at Harrys Haufbrau in Redwood City. It was a late lunch so our dinner was late. Courtney brought some brie cheese, fig jam, and crackers which we called dinner. I rather like a rainy day, especially when I can be inside.

Sunday: (12/23) A deluge day with extremely heavy rains that closed many roads. Our nearby creeks were full to the brim and over at some locations. Our sump pump, that receives all the water in our sub terainian backyard as well as all the flow from the downspouts, was busy all day. In addition to the rain, it was cold. Not enough for ice or snow but really cold for us California bay area sissys. Breakfast was leftover spinach omelet. Lunch and dinner were leftovers making way for the holiday feast leftovers.

Monday: (12/24) Our rain is gone, for at least today. Sunny and clear. We enjoyed the free breakfast at IKEA and a walk inside as well.

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