Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 365

Monday: (12/31) New Year's eve day was clear and cold. Lou and I started the day by delivering the Hyundai to the body shop in Santa Clara. Lou and Dawn were then off to meet friends visiting from new York, one of Lou's former students and her mom. I enjoyed a nice Don McMuffin with meatlaof as the meat. I tinkered in the office trying to avoid going outside. Eventually, I went out and helped Ernie with some rewiring for his macerator pump. One of the wires had failed due to water intrusion. Leftover Dawn's soup for lunch. Courtney was the chef of the evening preparing hamburgers with brie cheese, sauted mushrooms, and the other usual fixings. It's getting harder and harder to stay up late to greet the new year, but we managed.

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