Friday, December 21, 2012

Coyote Lake Park, Savannah Trail Hike

Friday: (12/21) Lou was off to her Friday morning shopping trip. I headed off to San Martin for my hike. First, I stopped by McDonnald's for a sausage McGriddle sandwich for breakfast. I made it to the park about 30 minutes early. I wanted to be sure to get there on time and it was 40 miles away. There was the possibility the hike might have to be cancelled because of rain. When I first looked out the window this morning, the sky was clear. 45 minutes later we had a really nice orange sunrise in the then present scattered clouds. 30 minutes later when I was departing for the hike the sky was dark gray and threatening rain. Fortunately I drove out of the clouds by the time I made it to San Martin. It was darned cold but no rain. This hike included an orientation to geocaching. When my fellow hikers arrived I gave them the orientation and we proceeded up th trail finding several caches along the way. We were hiking in Coyote Lake Park from the Harvey Bear entrance.

Coyote Lake Park a nice oak tree by the Savannah Trail Coyote Lake Park Savannah Trail
We took the Willow Springs Trail up to the Rancho San Yisidro Trail then out our destination trail the Savannah Trail. Along the way toward the end of the Savannah Trail it started to rain. We decided to cut our planned route short and return by the shortest path back on the Rancho San Yisdro Trail.

Coyote Lake Park view along Savannah Trail Coyote Lake Park Rancho San Yisidro Trail
The rain stopped and, all in all, we had a nice hike. I had lunch with a couple of my fellow hiker Bob and Sharon at the Super Taqueria in Morgan Hill. After lunch I stopped at the Camping World for a quick look around and at the Hobby World which Lou and Dawn checked out yesterday. Lou made some more French Onion soup for dinner.

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