Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another Fine Year

Saturday: (12/29) A rainy day. I put three coats of varnish on the new RV valences. I also did some organising in the study. Lou was busy packing and preparing to leave. Asparagus and ham omelet for breakfast. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. Baked potatoes, asparagus, and chicken.

Sunday: (12/30) A nice clear day. I put a couple of coats of varnish on the inside of the new RV valances. In between coats I  did other tasks and tinkered on the computer. Lou was busy with the wash ans sewing. Dawn and i visited Fry;s Electronics in the afternoon. Eggs, Sausage, and home fried potatoes for breakfast. Lunch at Chili's Restaurant. I enjoyed a CFS. Lou and Dawn had soup. For dinner we had some vegetable sausage soup that Dawn made.

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