Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Arches National park

Tuesday: (04/30) Spinach and ham omelet leftovers with toast for breakfast. We both have gotten a cold so we stopped in and filled up the Jeep gas tank and got some cough drops as well. We drove out to Arches National park. It's only a couple of miles the other side of the river from town. We explored all the viewpoints and Lou and I did a few short level hikes and I did a bunch of other hikes. My last hike in the Devil's Garden Area was intended to be a short little 2 mile hike to a couple of the arches but I continued on making it an 8 or more mile hike to see all of them. Unfortunately, I only took one bottle of water. After coming back on the Primitive Trail I was more worn out than after my Grand Canyon Hike. Must be the cold. Lunch was olive loaf and horseradish cheese sandwiches. Dinner was a chicken pot pie for me and leftover tri-tip and fries with fresh kale for Lou.

Arches NP Park Avenue Area 0553 Arches NP Balance Rock 0559
Above is the Park Avenue area and on the right Balance Rock.

Arches NP Nort hand Turret Arches 0565 Arches NP Turret Arch With South Window Arch Behind 0573
North and Turret arches in the distance. On the right above is the South Arch through the Turret Arch.

Arches NP North and South Arches 0575 Arches NP Double Arch 0580
North and South arches on left and the Double Arch on the right.

Arches NP Pine Tree Arch
Pine Tree Arch.

Arches NP Landscape Arch Arches NP Landscape Arch
Two photos of the Landscape Arch. One from the usual trail photo opportunity location and one from the rocks above it.

Arches NP Trail To Partition Arch  Arches NP Trail To Double O Arch
The trail out to Landscape arch is a nice wide improved trail. After than the trail on up to Partition, Navajo, and Double O Arches was not improved climbing up ridges.

Arches NP Arches NP Trail To Upper View Of Landscape Arch
"Trail" above Landscape Arch.

Arches NP Partition Arch Arches NP Navajo Arch Backside
Partition Arch and Navajo Arch.

Arches NP Double O Arch  Arches NP Private Arch
Double O Arch and Private Arch.

Arches NP Red Flowers On Primative Trail  Arches NP Near Private Arch
A nice group of flowers along the trail and some of the rocks seem from the primitive trail.

Arches NP Primative Trail Arches NP Primative Trail
The Primitive Trail wasn't too primitive. It was usually well marked with cairns but I did manage to loose the trail a couple of times requiring me to double back.

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