Friday, April 26, 2013

Upper Big Bend CG, Moab, Ut

Upper Big Bend Campsite In Moab Utah
Friday: (04/26) My birthday came around again today. Some things are unavoidable. We had leftover bean soup for breakfast. Even though today is Friday, one of the worst times to change campsites, we planned to move today if we found a spot in Moab. We took the Jeep up and looked at several campgrounds all full until we found one space, not the best, but big enough for us to fit in. We threw some chairs out and paid for the spot. Then we looked around town. We stopped at the Wake And Bake Cafe for lunch. I had a buckwheat red pepper, mushroom, cheese, and egg crepe with red pepper tapenade. Lou had a cobb salad. Everything was excellent. After a visit to a couple of thrift stores we returned to Windwhistle CG. We had paid for another day this morning in case we didn't return in time. We didn't. So today is a full price camping day, not half price with Gezzer pass if you pay twice. We buttoned up for travel and headed back to Moab. After a stop at the market we settled in to our new campsite about 5:30. Lou made my favorite meal, Corned beef hash and eggs. Normally it's made with an onion, a green pepper and a red pepper. We didn't have a green pepper but did have an Anaheim chili pepper. That gave it a little extra zing. Dinner was followed by apple pie and ice cream, a couple of my other favorites. It was really hot today. I assume it's region wide and not just here in Moab. Until the sun went behind the cliffs in the valley it was HOT. After that it was perfect again. After dinner, Lou went off to pester campers that may be leaving tomorrow that are in the sites we're interested in. Many of the sites we spotted this morning at 9am were already spoken for when we asked today.
(GPS: 38.64958, -109.487)

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