Saturday, April 27, 2013

Big Bend CG, Moab Utah

Big Bend CG Moab UT
Saturday: (04/27) Lou made latkas topped with yogurt and apple sauce accompanied by sausage for breakfast. Then she was off to the campground adjacent to ours to claim our new campsite. I stayed home and washed the windshield and de-bugged the front of the RV. She returned and We moved over to the new sot at Big Bend CG. Less than a tenth of a mile away down river. We got all setup and enjoyed some tea by the river, which we can see in this campsite. Our campsite mates set up their four tents. There are a half  dozen of them and two nice dogs. Actually, nice folks.

We drove in to town to the Moab April Action Auto Show. There are possibly 300 cars at the show in the city park.

Moab April Auro Show Moab April Auto Show
The pictures above shoe an atypical RV. It's a 1929 Case tractor pulling three trailers. The from cabin is the living quarters. The second trailer is the bathroom and laundry room. The third trailer hauls other stuff. We didn't see this rig before but we have seen the driver down in Bisbee several years ago. He is the man that has the dog, cat, and mouse that ride each other. That is, the mouse is on the cat which is on the dog.

Moab April Auto Show Moab April Auto Show
The car on the lefts is actually a Geo tracker made to look something like a model A? The truck on the right is special because of the name.It's called the "Wood Rat"

Moab April Auto Show  Moab April Auto Show
Above left is a car with an extra engine. It's a 16 cylinder engine now. On the right is a 1951 Plymouth Suburban station wagon. My first car looked like it. It was a 1952 model. Of course the one above differs a little from mine because it has been chopped and it has paint on it.

Moab April Auto Show  Moab April Auto Show
Above are a couple of ideas for improving our jeep to tackle some of these roads. We need to either raise it like the one on the left or replace it with a real crawler like the one on the right.

It's a rather warm, possibly hot day. Our camp is rather hot until a little after 5pm when the sun goes behind the mountain across the river. Lunch was at Wendy's restaurant. Lou had some coupons so I had a spicy chicken sandwich and Lou had a chicken salad. For dinner Lou made ham, rice, corn on the cob with coleslaw. We enjoyed listening to the KALW On-Air Folk Festival via the streaming feed from the radio station in San Francisco. Two of the groups on the show were artists we've seen at the Redwood Bluegrass Associates shows in Los Altos before. Kathy Kallick, Annie Stanninec and Sharon Gilchrist. A nice show.

(GPS: 38.6481, -109.4792)

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