Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sand Island Warming Up

I've caught up with the recent photos. Photos have been added to posts back to my hikes in Prescott.

Sunday: (04/21) Ham and eggs with home fried potatoes for breakfast. We relaxed around camp all day. I worked on publishing recent pictures to the blog. Lou was working on her quilt materials. A chef's salad for lunch. Spaghetti for dinner.

Sand Island River Floaters Sand Island Coyote Tracks By The San Juan River
From our perch above the river we watch the floaters pass by each day. The other day Lou saw a coyote across the river. This morning I walked over to get a photo of our campsite from across the river and took a picture of the coyote footprints as well. Today was a perfect day. In the 70's most of the day.

Sand Island BLM Campground
Here is our campsite as viewed from the other side of the river.

Monday: (04/22) Baked potatoes with sausage gravy for breakfast. A wonderful warm day today. Bean soup and toast for lunch. We drove in to Bluff today to look around. Not too much there. We did tour Old Fort Bluff, a Mormon settlement that was the first settlement in Southeast Utah. Shrimp tostados for dinner. Other wise it was a relaxing day at home.

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