Monday, April 8, 2013

Pine Flat CG, Sedona, Az

Pine Flat CG, Sedona, AZ

Monday: (04/08) We awoke to rising winds. Winds seemed to be gusting to 45 mph occasionally so we decided to hit the road before we had breakfast. We only had to move 20-30 miles North above Sedona. About 9am we pulled in to the Pine Flat campground, into the campsite we selected yesterday. This campground is beside Oak Creek about 12 miles North of Sedona. We have a potentially sunny site with a Southern exposure good for solar and satellite  Now, if it only weren't overcast. Just after we were setup and Lou was cooking breakfast it started to sprinkle. We relaxed at home today with some occasional rain and hail. This is what we are supposed to expect for the next couple of days per the forecast. Breakfast was sausage, eggs and home fried potatoes with toast. Lunch was leftover ham, pepper and onion salad. Chinese stir fried chicken vegetable noodles for dinner. Today we had rain, hail and snow intermittently all day.
(GPS 35.01216, -111.73875)

Hwy 89a to Flagstaff From Sedona Hwy 89a to Flagstaff From Sedona
Tuesday: (04/09) Sausage, home fries and eggs with toast for breakfast. The storm yesterday and last night left the trees higher up on the canyon walls with a coating of snow. We drove up to Flagstaff today, about 16 miles North. The ground and trees were covered with enough snow to make them white. The view from the scenic stop after the climb up and out of the canyon was very nice. We did some shopping, visited thrift stores, and explored old town Flagstaff. I got a bigger backpack for my hike. I as having trouble fitting all the stuff I wanted to take in my usual hiking backpack. Lunch was at the La Fonda Mexican Restaurant on the East side of town. Very good. We returned home about 4:30 as there was a tiny snow fall . All the snow we saw this morning was gone. Dinner was leftovers. I had the Chinese stir fry and Lou had leftover shrimp tostado fixings.

Pine Flat CG North Of Sedona Pine Flat CG North Of Sedona
Oak Creek passes by our campsite. Our campground is in a narrow valley with very high walls. In fact, the half of the camp on the opposite side of the road is closed due to big rocks falling into the camps there.

Indian Pueblo Ruins Near Sedona Indian Pueblo Ruins Near Sedona
Wednesday: (04/10) Chorizo omelet for breakfast. Today was a nice sunny day all day. We went out to see a couple of Indian ruin sites today.

Sedona Trails Near Indian Ruins  Sedona Trails Near Indian Ruins  Sedona Flower
Nice views out on the dirt road going to the Indian Ruins. Even some flowers now.

Sedona Schnebly Road Sedona Schnebly Road
We also drove FS153 Schnibley Road, a 4x4 road out to I17. Some nice views along the road.

Sedona Schnebly Road Sedona Schnebly Road
It's a rather rough road at times. We especially liked the Foxboro Lake.

We then drove down to Highway 179 and returned to Sedona through Oak Creek. We stopped at a very interesting pottery shop there then on to Sedona. There was one more road to check out, Morgan Road. At the end of the road is a Jeep road that the tour operators use to give their patrons a good ride. I wanted to try it. We made it past the deterrent bump, a one foot high vertical sided speed bump at the start of the road. It keeps most everything off the road. It wasn't to far up the steps was encountered. The book said there was a bypass but it's closed off now. It wasn't much worse than the test bump but it was going up the side of a rock as well. I decided not to continue at least in part due to the soon to set sun. It was after 6pm. Then we were on to home just before it did get dark. Lunch was some ham, pepper, cucumber, and onion salad. Dinner was roasted chicken with steamed carrots and garlic mashed potatoes.

Pine Flat Campsite 3
Another view of our campsite at Pine Flat.

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