Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bad Day At Black Rock, Not

Wednesday: (03/04) Up with the sun. A brisk 30 degree morning. They have unusual generator hours here. 7-9, 12-2, 5-7. We only had 30 minutes to run last night before curfew so started at 0700 this morning to catch up. Too many clouds yesterday. The campground was nearly full last night. We're headed down to dump with just the RV this morning. Black Rock Campground has a dump but there's no water pressure. We enjoyed some chips with cheese salsa while we waited the 20-30 minutes to fill our water tank. We then visited several thrift stores on our way back out to Joshua Tree Village. Our lunch at the Crossroads Cafe was excellent. A nice ABLT sandwich (avocado BLT) served with chili fries. Lou had much of the fries and since I'm not gluten free, I had the sandwich. We also visited the JT Trading Post. The clerk mentioned there was a music jam this evening.

Joshua Tree Music Jam At JT Trading Post 0193 Joshua Tree Music Jam At JT Trading Post 0197
We returned home with the RV and it was time for a nap. After chicken soup for dinner we drove back to town for the music jam at the trading post. A nice evening, worth all the miles (23 miles one way) to return. There was a nice store dog that greeted everyone on arrival.

Joshua Tree Village Pizza Parlor 0200
I supplemented my dinner with some pizza from the Pie For The People pizza joint next door. An interesting jalapeƱo pineapple pizza.

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