Friday, March 13, 2015

No Smog From The RV

Friday: (03/13) I took the RV in go get the smog test and it passed. The Jeeps brakes have been acting up. That's why we dashed home. No car, less fun. Evidently the ABS system is constantly unapplying all brakes. Not Good. The left rear abs sensor was chewed off. I'm not sure what that means yet but I don't really suspect the squirrels did it. Likely a misbehaving rock on one of the roads we took.It's still being worked on. I washed the RV. Tightened up the loose left mirror mount. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. Dawn's chicken lentil soup for dinner. Lou Dawn Cecilia, and Courtney enjoyed a campfire. I enjoyed some time on the computer.

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