Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Carpenteria State Beach

Carpenteria State Beach 0206
Tuesday: (03/10) We were up when the alarm I had set to advise of the parks generator run times went off. Last night we looked where we are and how many days are left before I'm supposed to return to the PCT. So rather than add more miles away from home, we're going to head back to the coast and home. We were on the road by 1030. Too bad we didn't decide on returning toward home yesterday. We could have eliminated a round trip to Indio by staying at the casino there. Traffic was pretty good and we made good time arriving in Carpenteria at 1500. We stopped at the Carpenteria State Beach. Lunch on the way in Ventura. Dinner at Rincon Brewery a few blocks from camp. I wanted a nice brew and Lou agreed to drive. We each had fish and chips but Lou had her fish grilled and they did it right.  A nice campfire to finish the day.
(GPS: 34.39134,-119.52044)

Wednesday: (03/11) Corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Our poor Jeep has problems with its brakes. Since they seem to be important, I tried to get them looked at at a couple of shops here. Both seemed unusually busy and the best they could do would have been to start on them in a couple of days them possibly have to wait for parts. So, we decided to just tow it home for the repair. We'll be off tomorrow. We explored the village and had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. It was overcast or raining most of the day. It was clear for our dinner outside, macaroni and cheese with carrots and sausage.

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