Friday, March 27, 2015

PCT MM218 to MM230, Mission Creek

Friday: (03/27) Up at 0700, depart 0830.

PCT MM218 to MM230 White Water Preserve 1870 PCT MM218 to MM230 White Water Preserve 1871
Sampson did stay here but isn't feeling well so is staying another day. Nice place to relax.

PCT MM218 to MM230 White Water Creek 1874 PCT MM218 to MM230  1880
Wow, met four hikers today and two quit and one is ill. Etrain left about 0800. I never saw him again today. I was having trouble climbing the hills because my legs are cramping. I took a nice nap after lunch.

PCT MM218 to MM230 Mission Creek Area Flower 1891
Lots of nice flowers around.

Stopped for the night at MM230 by Mission Creek, not too far but nice to get camp setup before dark. I enjoyed listening to the frogs and birds say good might.

GPS:  34.070117 -116.667638

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