Wednesday, March 25, 2015

On The Way Back

Wednesday: (03/25) Breakfast at A Good Morning then on to the San Jose Amtrak depot. The train was running late so I departed at 1042 rather than the scheduled 1007. Boarded too late for lunch reservations so I had a hamburger from the cafe car for lunch. Arrived in Paso Robles at 1352. Should arrive in Palm Springs about 2am. Another, much better hamburger in the dining car for dinner.
Back on the PCT trail tomorrow morning.

Ready To Hike 1828 PCT Train To Palm Springs 0239
I'm all ready to hike. I've always wanted to take the Coast Starlight train South and I got to use it to get to Palm Springs.

PCT Train To Palm Springs 0244 PCT Train To Palm Springs 0246
Really nice trip. Above is approaching San Luis Obispo.

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