Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Good Rain

Thursday: (05/14) Dawn had an appointment in redwood City and Lou and I stopped by the habitat For Humanity Restore, a surplus building materials store in San Carlos. On yesterday's walk i spotted some salvage kitchen cabinets that would work in her craft room. We measured and considered and bought them. We have to pick them up before Wednesday now. Today rain was forecast so we didn't want to get them today. Tomorrow I have a hike so not then. We need to make room for them in her craft room so probably not Saturday. They are closed Sunday and Monday so it looks like Tuesday. In the afternoon. the rains came, enough to make thinks wet. We filled all my buckets for later use. Lou and Dawn were off to more appointments in San Jose today. i relaxed at home, filled buckets, and moved the sump hose around the yard to water things. I checked on renting a trailer. Granola for breakfast. Chinese fast food for me and Chipolte bowls for Lou and Dawn made lunch. Leftover corned beef hash and eggs for dinner.

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