Monday, May 18, 2015

Huddart Park Hike

Monday: (05/18) Breakfast from L&L Hawaiian. A nice sausage, egg and cheese English muffin and a donut. This place has become a gem. We never cared for the Hawaiian food but it now has donuts, breakfast sandwiches, hamburgers and more and everything I've tried recently is good.   I then walked over to the house of fellow hiker Hemma to carpool to a hike at Huddart Park in Woodside. Rather nice to ride in a carpool and not be the hike leader as well. The hike was only 7.3 miles through some nice mixed redwood forest. In all these years of hiking the area, I've never hiked in this park before, even though it is fairly close to home.  Leftovers for lunch. Lou has been busy working the past few days cleaning out her hobby room so it can receive some new cabinets. Ernie and I helped move some of the old cabinets around  this afternoon so there is now room for the cabinets. Dawn made quesodilla for dinner.

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