Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Cabinets For Lou

Tuesday: (05/19) Off to pickup some salvaged kitchen cabinets this morning. I found them on a walk a few days ago. Lou confirmed they'ed be good for her craft room so we bought them. Lou's been busy cleaning the room out to make room for them. We dashed off to Uhaul to rent a trailer then stopped at A Good Morning Restaurant for breakfast. We picked up Ernie and headed off to Redwood City to the Habitat For Humanity Restore. All the cabinets were moved outside by the staff who didn't belief we'd be able to fit them all in the 6x12 trailer. No problem. We unloaded the trailer to the rear yard then moved some of the cabinets inside. After a lot of playing around and fitting we came up with the right combination for cabinets covering one entire wall. We also have enough cabinets to rebuild our pantry and then still have a couple of extra base cabinets. Leftovers for lunch. For dinner, Lou and I tried out a new place nearby. The have an unusual combination of food items. We had one of each type of taco they make and shared a peach black milk tea with honey boba. and a bottle of apple ale.

Wednesday: (05/20) Granola with a banana for breakfast. I got to work trimming the lower cabinets to have access to the outlets. Then i got to work removing the windows on the wall. I'm going to close the wall in which will behind the cabinets. Those windows have been covered by the predecessor shelves. One of the windows is where our cooler duct enters to house. Lou also had caulked the windows shut. The room is a sun room made with a two inch wall thickness from aluminum framing, panels and the windows. I finally got them out and cleaned up the area. Then I was off to get some paneling and lumber. Lunch at the China Wok. Getting old isn't fun. I used to be able to toss 4x8 panels with ease but now they aren't so easy. Either that or they make them heavier now. I spent the rest of the afternoon with the table saw cutting the 2x4 studs into the appropriate 2" width. I could only get one 2x2 from each 2x4 because they were really 2: wide leaving only 1 piece 1.5" as the remainder. I'll find a use for them sometime for a future project. I then cut groves into some to allow them to snap into place in the abandoned window frames. Ham with garlic mashed potatoes and corn on the cob for dinner.

All this work when I'm trying to get my balance back. This is always the problem with being home.

In the evening we watched Letterman's last show. He will be a loss. We wish him a great retirement!

Thursday: (05/21) We went to breakfast at A Good Morning Restaurant with Cecilia. Then I got to work on rebuilding the wall in the sun room for the new cabinets. Ernie was the other pair of hands needed to lift, hold and be on the other side of the wall as needed.  A couple of trips were needed for materials and tools but it is now a nice solid wall. Hamburgers for lunch. Dawn's buckwheat black olive pineapple pizza for dinner.

Sunroom Window Removal 0360 Sunroom Window Removal 0363
Windows out, wall going in.

Sunroom Window Removal 0366 Sunroom Window Removal 0368
And it's now a wall.

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