Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Walk-about Testing My Knees

Wednesday: (05/13) I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. After breakfast I picked a pale of olallieberries. Then I watered the yard. We don't use the sprinkler systems nor the drip system anymore. Watering is more targeted and less often now. A little before noon i headed out for a city walk. I caught a VTA bus to downtown Palo Alto and walked University Avenue. Then I caught a Sam Trans bus to Redwood City and walked around downtown. On my way I noticed a tower crane being disassembled so I hung around way too long watching until they lowered the turret. More looking around brought me up to San Carlos where I visited the Habitat For Humanity Restore to see what used cabinets they had, then visits to Best Buy and REI. I walked back down to Redwood City to see how the crane dis-assembly went and the tower was already down. They worked much more quickly removing the tower than they did removing the turret. Oddly, each section of the tower is assembled with the same 16 bolts that the turret was attached with but it took nearly two hour to separate. Then I caught the bus back home arriving home a little after 2010. A long day mostly on my feet or walking about 6-10 miles and no complaints from my knees nor vertigo attacks. There is hope that I'll be able to do my hike this Friday. I had lunch at La Victoria Taqueria in Redwood City. Dinner at home of spaghetti and meatballs with a salad. For desert, those berries I picked this morning had morphed into a nice cobbler. Yum!

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