Friday, May 22, 2015

Portola SP Up To Long Ridge OSP Hike

Friday: (05/22) Breakfast from L&L Hawaiian. Alex picked me up and we headed up the hill to the Grizzly Flat Trailhead at Long Ridge OSP. We met Jonathan and Colin there and carpooled down to Portola State Park to start our hike up the mountain. This was a one way hike up the mountain via Slate Creek Trail and Ward Road Trail.  It was about 8.7 miles. We started the hike about 1035 from the bottom and finished just before 1500. The weather was overcast almost all the way with just a couple of very short periods of sun. A nice hike. This is the same route i hiked last year as my inaugural backpacking hike but I was hiking the opposite direction on that hike. Leftovers for lunch. I then spent the afternoon working on re-installing the cooler in the wall it replaced the windows with. Hamburgers for dinner.

Slate Creek Trail Hike 0376 Slate Creek Trail Hike 0378
A nice view near the top of the gray sky over the mountains. On the right a magical forest much of the way up the hill.

Slate Creek Trail Hike 0374
I was at the back of our four person hiking expedition.

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