Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Cold Pinnacles Visit

Saturday: (12/26) Granola for breakfast. We were up early to start our final preparations to depart.We pulled out a little after 1000. Lou was off in the Jeep to Costco for a couple of things. I was off to the gas station to get LPG and gas. Lou stopped by for gas there as well then She was off to Costco and i was off to REI. I picked up some hiking clothes so I don’t have to worry about washing clothes between hikes since they would be slow drying in freezing temperatures. Lou met me there and we hooked up the Jeep and were off South. Traffic was really backed up on Hwy 101 leaving San Jose. We got off the highway as soon as we could in Morgan Hill after poking along for half an hour or more. We stopped in Gilroy at the Longhouse Restaurant for a very late breakfast about 1400. After another quick stop at Walmart we were off toward Holister with another traffic backup leaving Gilroy which we lost when we exited on to Highway 25 going on to Pinnacles National Park. We pulled in to the campground a little after 1600 and set up. The weather was nice all day but as the sun was going down so was the temperature and in 30 minutes it had gone for nice shirt sleeve weather to on the low side of cold. Lou prepared tomales with coleslaw for dinner.
Pinnacles Ranger Talk 1226151902_HDR
We went to thee campfire where ranger Jenny ran a game of jeopardy with questions about Pinnacles National Park. She and her partner work at a Glacier Bay NP in summer and here in winter.

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