Saturday, December 19, 2015

Rain Delays

Saturday: (12/19) Some rain over night and in the morning. Too wet to work outside. I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. I took a drive down to San Jose to pick up some things at Dawn’s place. I also checked the drainage pump there. All OK. I stopped for lunch of a quesodilla at  La Victoria Restaurant and bought some of their famous orange sauce. I also did some Christmas shopping on the way and stopped for bread at Sprout’s market. When I got back home about 1400 I started to work on the form for Lou’s old shed. I got distracted by some electrical repairs. Not much accomplished. Tomales for dinner. We watched the Democratic debate in the evening.
Sunday: (12/20) Leftover hash with eggs for breakfast. I did get ready to get outside to work but when i went out it had started to rain. It wasn’t supposed to do that until late afternoon. Oh well, fun inside instead. I spent all day gleaning photos from all my computers and jump drives and collected them on my newest laptop. When I brought most of them over previously i was missing most of 2010 and 2011. We went to Alaska in 2011 and Lou wants some photos printed out for the walls. I now have a good collection from 2003 to present. Not worked on today but on my list is to digitize all my old printed photos, negatives and slides as well.  A PBJ sandwich for lunch which I’ve been craving recently. While it did dry out later in the day I remained at my photo project to complete it. Something done is better than lots of them not done. Spaghetti for dinner.
Monday: (12/21) A drizzly morning with more drizzle and some rain throughout the day. I had the last of the hash for breakfast. I added some photos to this blog for the past week’s posts. I then went outside and moved the last of the shelves out of the shed and did some other cleanup. I also moved the load of concrete bags from the Jeep into the shed. Only an hour or so of work. It was drizzling all the while and picked up to some rain as I finished moving the concrete. We decided to go out to lunch. Along the way we also decided to checkout the Hobby Town store to see if they had a quadcopter Lou wants. Since we were headed off to Sunnyvale we had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. The store didn’t have the copter so we headed over to Fry’s Electronics. They had a whole section with 20-30 different drones but not the one we want. We then stopped for a look at HD supply. We were checking for shelving to see if they had what we should have gotten before. They didn’t. Interesting what we do to stay out of the rain. A nice nap finished my day. Lou was busy sewing. I spent some time collecting Alaska photos from our trip for some collages for Lou.
Tuesday: (12/22) I tinkered at the computer most of the day. The weather forecast had indicated little chance of showers in the morning but the day turned out the opposite with almost no rain in the afternoon but rain in the morning. I was able to prepare my forms for the shed footing. These rainy days don’t make for really productive days. Lou was busy sewing. Tomales for breakfast and dinner with a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch.
Wednesday: (12/23) A granola morning. No rain today. Lou and I made a shopping run this morning. I then got busy on the shed rebuilding project. I set my form and poured the concrete. I was finished with the pour a little after noon. The final finishing wasn’t until about 1800 though. It took forever to dry. I covered it because we expect rain tonight. Lou made a nice ham and cheese chibata sandwich for lunch. It was really nice with some of the orange pepper sauce on it. Otherwise I lounged around watching TV and tinkering on the computer. Lou was busy smoking some ribs today and they made dinner with some rice and artichokes.
Lou's Shed Concrete Footing 1224150910_HDR Lou's Shed Concrete Footing 1224151336b_HDR
Thursday: (12/24) It rained last night including a really good pour at first light. Tomales for breakfast. I got out early and stripped my forms from the shed and poured some base concrete that I had removed. It didn’t need finishing because I’ll be pouring a cap on the whole floor to level it. I was fighting rain while I poured the concrete so I just covered it as the rain became heavy. I won’t be doing any more for the rest of this and next week due to our trip and the holidays. Lou and Dawn were off to San Francisco to the Jewish Museum to use a couple of free passes Dawn had. They also stopped by the Hiller Aviation Museum. The shop there had gotten some of the quadcopters that Lou wanted.  I sent out final email reminders to all my hikers for next weeks hikes. There is no Internet at the park. I finally got away for lunch at the China Wok in Sunnyvale about 1400. I then did some shopping before returning home about 1700. Dinner was a ham and cheese sandwich. I got all my presents wrapped before Lou and Dawn returned late.
Lou's Shed Concrete 1225150927_HDR Lou's Shed Concrete 1225150927_HDR
Friday: (12/25) Christmas Day, Nice! We had a leisurely morning. I went out and removed the cover from the concrete. Everything looks good. Lou made biscuits and gravy for breakfast.
Christmas Tree 1225151048_HDR
We had a grand opening about 1000. I received a really nice coupon book from Dawn, good for hugs, kisses, my control of the remote, etc One coupon was really nice and will help on our coming extended trip.We went to an early Christmas dinner at the Black Bear Restaurant in Sunnyvale with Ernie, Cecilia and Courtney. We spent some time in the afternoon preparing to depart tomorrow. Lou had made some cheese cake yesterday which was desert today.

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