Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pinnacles NP, Bear Gulch Hike

Pinnacles NP  Bear Gulch Hike 1227151230a_HDR Pinnacles NP Bear Gulch Caves Hike 1227151137a_HDR
Sunday: (12/27) 22 degrees last night, 30 degrees when we got up at 0730. It never really got warm at all today. The fern leaf encased in ice was interesting.
Pinnacles NP Bear Gulch Caves Hike 1227151237_HDR Pinnacles NP Bear Gulch Caves Hike 1227151247c_HDR
We drove up to the Bear Gulch nature Center and looked around. Ranger Jenny was there with a volunteer from Santa Cruz.
Pinnacles NP Bear Gulch Caves Hike 1227151245_Pano
Lou borrowed a hiking stick from the volunteer and we hiked up Bear Gulch to the Reservoir through the caves and back on the Rim and High Peaks trails. Lou made the hike with no problems, about 2.1 miles with some crawling and steps through the cave. The ice enclosed fern leaves and ice cycles were interesting. Lou made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Chili sizes for lunch. Ham and potatoes with bean salad for dinner.

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