Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rainy Daze

Thursday: (12/10) Lou and I did a quick shopping run to Sprouts to restock after their absence. I restocked my granola supplies and had some for my breakfast. It was rainy much of the day, a couple of good squalls. Lou was busy moving into her shed. I tinkered some in the shop mostly cleanup but I did reweld a chair that needed the back reattached. Crackers and cheese for lunch. I caught the bus down to thee mall to check on the tower crane erection. Due to the rain and high winds they weren’t erecting the second tower but were testing the one they did erect. So, basically another day off. Dawn made macaroni and cheese for dinner.
Tower Crane Erection 1211151341_HDR
 (12/11) I made sausage hash and eggs for breakfast. I was Dawn’s chauffeur this morning. Lou was off with our neighbor Meili. For lunch I had a beef log and cheese sandwich. In the afternoon I was off to watch the crane erection. On the way home I saw they had erected the second tower crane mast. I rode the bus down to watch the work arriving a little after noon. They did nothing more with the erection other than receive some of the crane arm sections. They were still testing the first crane. The big mobile crane that is used to erect the tower cranes was busy moving materials into the hole such as rebar and water sealing fabric. Lou was busy in the afternoon moving into her shed. For dinner she made spaghetti. There were just a few showers today, mostly sunny.
Wood Pile Move 1212151213a_HDR
Saturday: (12/12) Leftover hash and eggs to start the day. Lou continued to work at moving from shed to shed. I got distracted. Our neighbor had mentioned that the fence between us was broken so I checked it out today. Nope, it’s not broken but it does need some work. It is leaning severely due to time and because of our wood pile and my concrete debris that lean against it. It doesn’t look bad for our side. So, I moved both the wood and concrete away from the fence. I still need to replace about 30 feet of fence on that side of the house including that leaning section. I wanted my piles not to need moving again until the fence has been rebuilt which won’t occur until late next year. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Dawn made macaroni and cheese for dinner.

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