Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hiller Aviation Museum

Sunday: (12/13) We headed up to San Mateo to Jack’s restaurant for breakfast. It has the absolute best food and service. After that we came back down to the San Carlos Airport to the Hiller Aviation Museum. This museum is largely about the helicopter and the airplane innovation that occurred here in the bay area and around Palo Alto and San Carlos. Hiller incorporated his own business making toys at age 15. By 18 he had designed helicopters more innovative than had existed before. It was interesting to learn that the first takeoff and landings from a ship occurred right here in San Francisco Bay by a plane from Curtis aviation that was based here. And then, of course there is the Burt Rutan that started here and has gone on to develop really innovative planes and the first commercial passenger spacecraft. It was an interesting day at the museum. It was a good day for it because we started the day with heavy rain and it was stormy all day. We had hamburgers for dinner. Then Dawn was off to her storytelling club.
Hiller Aviation Museum 1213151444_HDR Hiller Aviation Museum 1213151444a_HDR
Hiller Aviation Museum 1213151444c_HDR Hiller Aviation Museum 1213151450_HDR

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